I predict.. if AWS keeps up its current rate of growth, Lambda, AWS and the serverless architecture will be responsible for the next coding style revolution.

The IT industry has moved through various phases, where different things mattered, and those things had a direct impact on the code the IT engine turned out.

Doubt what I say? Regard OOP. When this was the rage, prototypical and functional languages became relegated to the past.
The evolutionary growth spurts IT is constantly experiencing are etched into the aging layers of code that make up the software infrastructure of our planet.

My prediction is that AWS with Lambda and the serverless architecture meme is going to bring about an era in software development where the focus will be very high on code optimization.

The pricing structure for AWS is a great, great equalizer. With this service, they are offering their largest clients the same price they offer their entry-level dabblers; for all the same perks: SLA on uptime; virtually unlimited scalability on demand - managed very granularly and accurately on your behalf; competitive pricing.

The price is derived directly from how long your function runs and the amount of memory you need to allocate to it. This brings optimization specialists sharply into focus. They will be your cost-savers. They will get offered a lot of money; others will start to emulate, and soon you have a whole industry pandering to the optimizers.

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